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About us

The Canterbury Agency is a cyber branding and marketing company that specializes in creating an impact with a brand’s voice through content creation and social media management.


We analyze our client's brand and support it with a team of social media professionals who create a daily presence and create/design/write and post! Then we analyze the results of our work and grow our client's brands.


We create a daily presence and influence to give a brand (or individual) the impact it deserves and raise the client’s SEO through the management of our client’s social media across multiple platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn). Our digital producers and social media teams tailor each client's platform to maximize its performance. We handle the nuts and bolts of your brand’s social media so you can do your work!  


Our client’s include celebrities, Fortune 500 companies and individuals who we work with to find their VOICE and Cyber-brand and use it effectively! We also do corporate and team training. Our principle, C. Fitz, is a veteran social media manager, consultant and content producer. We would love to give you a free consultation to see if we can help! 

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